Proton Energy CEO, Mr. Oti Ikomi speaks at GTR West Africa Conference 2023

Proton Energy CEO, Mr. Oti Ikomi speaks at GTR West Africa Conference 2023

  1. The CEO of Proton Energy, Mr. Oti Ikomi will on April 26, 2023 speak at the GTR West Africa Conference Eko Hotels on

The Natural Gas Opportunity in the era of Green transition.  Kindly join this discussion with other co-panelists.

Global Trade Review returns to Lagos on April 26-27, where GTR West Africa 2023 will once again bring together the leading minds in trade, supply chain, export and infrastructure financing for two days of unrivalled networking and lively debate.

Nigeria holds sub-Sahara’s largest reserves of #naturalgas and is the region’s leading gas producer. Considered a transitional fuel, gas holds the potential to transform African economies through both domestic gas-to-power projects and the opportunity to supply the global economy, not least as Europe weans itself off Russian energy.
This discussion at GTR West Africa 2023 will review Nigeria’s “Decade of Gas” programme and the challenges to sectoral development ranging the regulatory and commercial environment, and lacking physical infrastructure across upstream, midstream and downstream, electricity generation and storage.

Amongst the very first significant market gatherings to take place following Nigeria’s historic 2023 general election, the next edition of this long-established series comes highly anticipated and perfectly timed to facilitate dealmaking as Africa’s largest economy springs back into action.

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